Man Finds Rare Mirror-Like Scarab Beetle While on a Stroll


Michael Farmer was walking around his property in Costa Rica when he paused to look at something peculiar on the leaves of a guava tree: a small piece of metal that seemed to be moving. He picked it up to see what it was, and realized he was holding a species of scarab beetle known as Chrysina limbata. 

This chromatic insect played dead long enough for Farmer to capture some incredible images of its shell’s reflective qualities. “I was amazed by how beautiful it was,” he admits. “[I’ve] never seen anything like it.” In several images, you see the beetle acting as a crystal-clear mirror. Farmer notes the “utterly flawless reflection in the beetle,” and says it was “truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” 

Michael Farmer accidentally stumbled upon a reflective beetle known as Chrysina limbata while taking a stroll. He was able to capture these images before safely returning the insect to its spot on a guava tree. 

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