Scientist's Deep Space Image of 'Distant Star' turns out to be Image of a Spicy Sausage

 A French scientist shared a photo of some chorizo believing it was an image of a distant star taken by NASA's telescope - he was astonished by the 'quality of detail' on the spicy sausage. 


         The scientist said "a new world is revealed day after day"

A focal scientist at a French nuclear energy institute shared what he claimed was an unconvincing deep space photo this week. 

The photo, which he said came from NASA's incredible new James Webb Space Telescope, was seeming to be of the nearest star to the Sun, aka 'Proxima'. 

Posting the image on Twitter account, Étienne Klein wrote: "This level of detail... a brand-new world is let out day after day." 

The only issue? The photo was not of a faraway star in deep space, but of a slice of chorizo. 

    There is no sausage in space 

The image shows the chorizo on a black background, to perfection resembling photographs of the Sun. However, instead of burning nodes of insanely hot plaza, it is actually the fat of the chorizo render in the image. 

After being hauled across the coals on social media, Klein outlined the hoax to his followers, saying: "According to contemporary cosmology, no object association to Spanish charcuterie exists anywhere but Earth." 

He informs a French newspaper that the response to his post "illustrates the reality that on this type of social network, fake news is always more successful than real news. I also expect that if I hadn't said it was a James-Webb photo, it wouldn't have been so successful." 


An actual image of the nearest stars to the Sun 

Indeed, many Twitter users in France were hoaxed. One person said: "Like a fool, I got screwed." 

Astronomy fans have already been wowed with some of the images James Web Telescope has captured from the oldest galaxies in the universe.

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