'Belgium's Little Einstein': 12-Year-Old Flemish Boy Completes Master's In Quantum Physics


Simons, affectionately known as "Belgium's little Einstein," was in the news last year after completing his bachelor's degree at the age of 11. 

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, he has an IQ of at least 145, and possibly even higher, because the instruments used to measure it did not go that far. 

The Flemish newspaper interviewed him to learn more about his university years and what he plans to do next. 

He revealed that it only took him a year to finish his master's degree as he passed all of his exams in his first semester. All that remained was for him to finish his thesis and an internship, which he did in Germany. 

But now comes the question of what to do next? As he felt that his choice of master's in quantum physics was too restrictive, he wanted to broaden his horizon and perhaps study medicine or chemistry. 

Laurent certainly does not lack confidence, as he concluded the interview by saying, "I have not yet reached my limits, not by a long shot," adding, "I didn't even find the physics course that difficult!" 

ReferenceThe Brussels Time 

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